On the National Day of Romanian Traditional Clothing, May 14th, a community from Transylvania region managed to break two world records and enter the Guinness Book: most people dressed in folk costumes and the highest number of participants taking part in a traditional dance.   

The custom of dressing in national clothes and parading along the streets of Nasaud (Bistrita Nasaud county) dates back to the 1860s. The region is known for being home to some of the most beautiful Romanian costumes, with colorful accessories and intricate weaves. With such a long tradition, it was only a matter of time until people decided to get official recognition for the beauty of their heritage.

The idea of achieving the record for most people dressed in folk costumes started in 2015, when 1000 people gathered and paraded in their best traditional clothing. In 2016 the number reached 5000 people, only for this year to almost double to 9506! This surpasses the needed minimum of 4500 for the record to be set, transforming Bistrita Nasaud in the capital of Romanian folk traditions. Taking part in the event were people form the region, members of folklore ensembles and local officials, all of them dressed in traditional costumes.

As suggested by Guinness Book, the organizers decided to take advantage of the event and try to break another record, that of the largest Romanian folk dance. People danced the Runc Wheel (Roata de la Runcu Salvei), a traditional dance from Runcu Salvei village.


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