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Romanian wines don’t ring a bell? Well, it’s about time to tour Romanian wineries and try their wines!

In 2022 Romania was the 14th largest wine producer in the world and the 7th  in Europe. The country’s 6000 years wine-making tradition is being revived in the last 10 years from the hick-ups of the communist era. There are more than 10 local grape varieties so there are many wines for you to try.

During our Romania food & wine tours you can also try some of the best local dishes and pair them with the wines. In Romania there are also a large number of small farms which offer home-cooked meals, the ingredients used often being organic and the meals very delicious.

To satisfy your appetite here are some of our suggestions of food & wine tours of Romania.


Food and Wine Tour of Transylvania, Romania

Food and Wine Tour of Transylvania, Romania

Discover the traditional savors of the country
1350 EUR/person for a group of 4

8 Days

Discover local culinary delicacies and high quality wines during this one-week long Food and Wine Tour of Transylvania, Romania.

With Sibiu being European Region of Gastronomy in 2019, it is the perfect departing place for a tour that will take you through German-Saxon villages, where you will experiment the rural way of life and ancient recipes, through places of Hungarian heritage and authentic Romanian farms. Craftsmen, wine-tasting sessions, beautiful medieval castles, calming nature and spectacular attractions are also part of this tour.

Food in Romania is quite hearty, typical Eastern European. But in recent years there’s been an effort to adapt to the 21st century, make portions smaller, present the food in a better way and use even more local and seasonal products.