Velo-Transylvania cycling tour in Romania

Velo-Transylvania cycling tour in Romania

Discover by bike Transylvania’s old world charm

8 Days

This cycling tour of Romania brings you to Transylvania, Romania’s most intriguing and famous region. But instead of pedalling into Dracula land, you will immerse yourself in a well preserved natural, rural and cultural landscape.

German ethnics who lived here for over 800 years left behind many fortifications and medieval towns. As you slowly ride your bike you will have the feeling of stepping back in time when a horse cart will overtake you or you will see shepherds and subsistence farmers keeping up with old farming techniques.

Highlights of this Velo-Transylvania cycling tour in Romania
  • Biking mostly on unpaved roads, single trails and occasionally on paved roads (30 to 60km daily, adjustable to your level) following paths of gentle hills, forests, valleys and charming countryside.
  • Traveling through and visiting medieval citadels and fortifications, some UNESCO sites: Sighisoara, Biertan, Alma Vii, Viscri (a favourite of King Charles III) and more.
  • Cultural immersion by staying in some of the most charming rural guesthouses which combine the old and the modern with grace and simplicity.


Suggested Itinerary
This cycling tour of Romania will be organized as a private tour for you and your group for the dates that present availability for you..
Day 1

Welcome to Romania!

Welcome to Transylvania and get ready for your Velo-Transylvania cycling tour. Our itinerary is in the centre of Romania so you can arrive in either Cluj Napoca, Sibiu or Brasov from where you will be transferred to Bazna or Medias where you will spend the first night.

This evening you will get together with your guide, have dinner and discuss the plan for the next days.

  • Overnight: Bazna or Medias
  • Transfer time: 1 to 2h30 (depending on the airport you are arriving at). We can also transfer you from Bucharest but it takes longer, around 5h30



Day 2  
The starting point is the small town of Bazna from where we will be heading to Medias. Passing through this historic town, we can see a rich history dating back to the Middle Ages as it was once one of the 7 most important trade centres on the Transylvanian trading routes. You continue through the countryside and villages until you reach Alma Vii.

Alma Vii has a well-preserved fortified church, dating back to the 14th century. The village has a charming traditional German Saxon architecture, with houses showcasing a blend of German and Romanian influences.

And as this is not just a biking trip, but a cultural trip, you will also get the chance to immerse yourself into the ‘culinary culture’ of the places we meet. Here and throughout the trip you will experience the Transylvanian cuisine, a blend of Romanian, German Saxon and Hungarian hearty traditional meals, Eastern European style.

The cycling route for this day: Bazna-Medias-Buzd-Alma Vii

  • Overnight: Alma Vii
Day 3  
As you depart from Alma Vii you will travel towards Copsa Mare. If there is interest in horseback riding, we can pass by an equestrian centre and ride for a few hours. Then the road takes us through Richis, Biertan, where we can also visit the impressive fortified churches. The fortification in Biertan is one of the largest and it is a UNESCO site.

The cycling route for this day: ride from Alma Vii-Apos-Richis-Biertan-Copsa Mare

  • Overnight: Copsa Mare


Day 4  
The Velo-Transylvania cycling tour in Romania continues with: Copsa Mare-Breite Plateau -Sighisoara, partially following at points the long distance walking trail called Via Transilvanica (

After leaving Copsa Mare you will head towards Sighisoara and on the way pass by the Breite Secular Oak Tree Reserve, often referred to as the Breite Plateau. It is a natural landmark and it is home to ancient oak trees, some of which are estimated to be over 800 years old, making them amongst the oldest living oaks in Europe.

Sighișoara is a historic town built on a hilltop with well-preserved architecture and charming cobblestone streets, UNESCO World Heritage title. Sighișoara is also famous for being the birthplace of Vlad III, commonly known as Vlad the Impaler or Vlad Dracula.

  • Overnight: Sighisoara


Day 5
The cycling route for this day: ride from Sighisoara to Crit, following the beauty of single trails. The region offers a mix of terrains including flat stretches, gentle hills, and some more challenging areas.

Sighisoara being located in landscapes surrounded by hills and picturesque roads, quaint villages, and past green meadows is almost the ideal setting for cattle, sheep, horses or chicken. Some villagers own cows, that follow a strict morning and evening routine. In the morning they are led to the pasture to graze and in the evening they come back right before sunset, while each cow knows the way to her home and owner, even waiting in front of the gate if it is not open.

In Crit and Viscri we hope to catch this morning and evening ritual, of the cattle going away and coming back to the village.

  • Overnight: Crit
Day 6
The cycling route today will leave from Crit and continues to Viscri through charming countryside.

The biking route from Criț to Viscri offers cyclists a unique visual experience: you may encounter farmers working in the fields, shepherds and their flock (which we usually recommend to stay at safe distance from) and so you get to witness local life and traditions along the route.

Viscri has a particular rural charm and authentic atmosphere. The village is dotted with traditional houses, unpaved and cobblestone streets, and idyllic surroundings. The centrepiece of Viscri is the fortified church, originally built in the 12th century. The church is an architectural gem, with its defensive towers and surrounding wall, being an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

King Charles III has a notable connection to the village of Viscri and he visits it almost yearly for over 20 years and is a strong advocate for sustainable tourism and heritage conservation. His efforts in Viscri have helped promote responsible tourism practices, preserve traditional architecture, and support local communities.

  • Overnight: Viscri


Day 7

Today you will do a 20-30km roundtrip around Viscri. Also there is the option to get to know more of the village life and history: visit the local bakery, the blacksmith workshop and the house owned by King Charles III.

In the afternoon, we will organize the transfer to the city where you were met in the first day.


  • Overnight in Sibiu, Cluj or Brasov
Day 8

This will be your departure day. We hope you thoroughly enjoyed the Velo-Transylvania cycling tour in Romania and hope you bring back home some great memories.


Why travel with us

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Suggested Accommodation

Bella Muzica 3* – Brasov

Located in the Old Town of Brasov, the building which hosts the hotel dates back to  the XVIth century and has elegant interior decorations that help conserve the charm of old times. The hotel features 34 rooms, beautifully furnished, each one of them having a private bathroom. Guests can also enjoy spending time outside in a little, peaceful courtyard or eating at the hotel’s restaurant, which offers traditional and international dishes.

Viscri 125 – Viscri

The 11 rooms of this rural guesthouse are located in traditional German Saxon buildings specific to this area and older than 100 years. The rooms are charming, comfortable and lack TV and internet access so you are encouraged to disconnect from the outside world. They offer set menus cooked from local ingredients and mostly by following traditional recipes. Walking out through the front gate you’ll feel like stepping back in time while exploring the village. Through the back door you will get to the hammocks area where you can relax or walk through the wildflower fields in the summer months.
Included Services
  • Trip planning and assistance
  • Rented bikes to use throughout the trip for 6 days (for ebikes there is an extra charge)
  • Tour guide services of English speaking local guide for 7 days (accommodation and meals are included)
  • Accommodation for 7 nights in standard double rooms, breakfast included. Here are a few examples
  • Meals: 5 dinners
  • Group transfer from Sibiu, Cluj or Brasov airport to Bazna or Medias where you will spend the first night. And from Viscri to the same city on the 7th day. For transfer from Bucharest there is an extra charge of 300 EUR for a group of 2-4 people (by sedan/suv car) and 400 EUR for a group of 5-8 people (by minivan)
  • Support car for luggage transfer and in case of need for days 2-7

Services which are not included in the Velo-Transylvania cycling tour in Romania

  • Flights
  • Entrance tickets to tourist sites and visits to craftsmen mentioned in the itinerary (you might spend around 30-50 EUR/person)
  • Meals except the ones included
  • Horse riding
  • Other services not mentioned in the above sections
Group Size
Price per person – EUR
8 persons
7 persons
6 persons
5 persons
4 persons
3 persons
2 persons
Single room supplement
1300 EUR
1350 EUR
1425 EUR
1550 EUR
1650 EUR
1900 EUR
2500 EUR
300 EUR
Traveler’s Reviews

Patrick from the USA
“We did a 4 day cycling tour of Transylvania, a 3 day photography workshop and a visit to the Danube Delta and stayed with a local fisherman. It was an incredible, culturally enriching experience and we both said it was probably our favorite trip we had ever been on! Highly recommend for anyone that would like an authentic experience, wonderful people and come away with memories for a lifetime! Thanks again so much for everything!”

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Here are some more pictures form where this cycling tour of Transylvania will take you