Romania tour operator company

Our values

Our Romania tour operator company promotes a type of tourism that benefits the local economy while trying to preserve the local heritage and environment. Our tours usually involve:

  • Eating at local restaurants and farms
  • Attending traditional events meant for locals
  • Traveling in small groups so we are not intrusive
  • Trying local produce such as wine, brandy, gems and cheese
  • Learning how traditional crafts are practiced
  • Going to the most quaint places in the country

We organize tours focused on: Culture, Rural and Nature, Food and Wine, Genealogy and PhotographyCheck them out!

Tourists working in the garden

Our story

The founder of the company, Daniel Rosca previously worked for Microsoft on Corporate Social Responsibility so when he established the company he wanted to promote the concept of responsible travel.


When the tour operator company was established in 2011, the geographic focus was on Transylvania region, thus the tourism license was provided by the Romanian Tourism Ministry under the name “Via Transylvania Tours” while the legal name is SC Via Dar SRL.

With time, our tours expanded to all regions of Romania so this website was created to promote all of our tours of Romania. We organize tours for groups between 2 and 20 people from all over the world. Most of our travelers come from the United States, Great Britain, Australia, Israel and France, but also countries from Asia, Africa and South America. Our average tour length is 10 days and the average group size is 4 people.

We have also established partnerships with other international tour companies from USA, UK, Italy, Canada, Germany and other countries in Europe. If you are interested in a collaboration, contact us at


Your experience

Here is what some of our tourists had to say about their trip:

Diana from Florida, USA: “From the moment I sent the request I was immediately called and we began a back-and-forth conversation about the itinerary. They suggested many wonderful things to do and see. In addition, they helped facilitate what flights I should take and what airports would be best suited to begin/end our trip. Without them I would have been lost. During the trip we had the best chauffer and guide a family could ask for. My two pre-teen kids loved every second of this trip through Brasov, Sigishoara, Alba Iulia, Aninosa, Hateg, Hunedoara and Sibiu. From a very discerning mother/traveler, I cannot recommend True Romania Tours enough. Look no further for your Romanian guide because you have found the best. Multumesc!

Steven from the UK: “They organised a self-drive tour through Transylvania for us and it couldn’t have been better. Organising the tour was a breeze with easy communication to ensure we got exactly what we wanted to out of our trip. We were provided a comprehensive itinerary and guidebook which was extremely useful and made everything easy. The accommodation was great, a combination of hotels and local Guesthouses that provide a real look at the Romanian culture. I can’t recommend enough their services!

Since February 2017 our Romania tour operator company is also listed on TripAdvisor. 

Below you can find the tour operator license and the insurance policy for the tourists in case of bankruptcy or insolvency of the company. The tourism license 1250 issued in 2019 replaced the previous license that was issued in 2011 for our tour operator travel agency.

Via Transylvania Tours - Romania tour operator insurance
We have also chosen to partner with other travel-related companies. For a detailed list, check our Partnerships page.