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Let’s tell you in brief what we can do for you, since 2011:

  • If you are a private person: we can organize tailor-made tours of Romania, guided or self-drive. So if you are looking for a tour operator in Romania, here we are!
  • If you are a travel agency, tour operator or a company: we can organize tours or events for your groups. We are what is called in the travel industry a local destination management company in Romania (DMC)


8 reasons to love our tours of Romania


  • Focusing on what’s true and authentic about Romania – we’d rather offer a genuine experience than stage it.
  • Going local and going rural so we can offer an enriching, immersive cultural experience. This can involve eating at local restaurants and farms, attending traditional events meant for locals, visiting local markets, traveling in small groups so we are not intrusive, trying local produce such as wine, brandy, gems and cheese, learning how traditional crafts are practiced and going to the quaintest places in the country.

The Wooden Monastic Complex in Barsana

  • The main topics of our tours are culturerural traditions and naturefood & winephotographygenealogy and ancestry. We tailor our tours to your particular interest so having a call is an important step in designing a tour for you.
  • We usually suggest accommodation in charming boutique hotels (in historic buildings or in the old town), traditional rural bed & breakfasts, castles, manors. So you feel like you are in Romania!
  • We work with 20 of the best tour guides in Romania; we know that the guide is often the key to a great tour. Languages spoken: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian.
  • For tours and airport transfers, we use very good vehicles from local transportation and car rental companies. From the classic, locally produced Dacia Logan or Duster (talking about going local 🙂 ) to Mercedes GLE and comfortable minivans, minibusses or coaches.
  • Our average tour length is 10 days, but we’ve done many 1 week trips and even a 32 days tour.
  • We promote a type of tourism that benefits the local economy while trying to preserve the local heritage and environment. We believe in responsible and sustainable travel.



Is this what you are looking for? Then, please email us at info@true-romania.tours your expectations and we’ll take it from there.



10 reasons to work with our Romania Tour Operator Company (and DMC):


  1. We hold travel agency license number 1250 issued by the Romanian Tourism Authority under the name Via Transylvania Tours. Initially issued in 2011 and reissued in 2019, please see below.
  2. Our True Romania Tours website was launched in 2017 and replaced our initial viatransylvania.com website.
  3. As a legal requirement for Romania tour operators, we sign contracts for the tours we well which clearly define terms of booking, payment, cancelation, and making changes.
  4. Our tours are insured against the insolvency or bankruptcy of our company (please see insurance below, renewed yearly)
  5. We exhibited at the World Travel Market travel fair in London and at ITB in Berlin at the Romanian stand together with other tour operators
  6. Since February 2017 our Romania tour operator company is on TripAdvisor and we received wonderful reviews.
  7. We are one of the few Romania tour operators recommended by the Bradt and Routard travel guides (popular in the UK and France)
  8. As a Romanian Destination Management Company (DMC), we partner with travel agencies, tour operators and companies from the US, UK, Brazil, France, Italy, and European countries.
  9. Romania Photo Tours is a sister tour company focused on photography tours only.
  10. Most of our travelers are from Europe and North America but also from Israel, Asia and Australia. We’ve also organized tours for Romanians living abroad and visiting the country with family, friends or colleagues.


Sounds interesting? Then, please email us at info@true-romania.tours your tour expectations and we’ll take it from there.

Beautiful Sibiu Old Town

Organising tours during the Covid-19 pandemic

All incoming Romania tour operators have been hard-hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. In our case, in 2020 we had 95% less tours than in 2019 and in 2021 we had 80% less tours than in 2019.

As a licensed local Romanian tour operator and DMC, we received financial help from the Romanian government through 2 grants which covered part of the losses from this period. So we are able to continue and organize tours.

As the world learns to cope with Covid-19 and re-opens for travel, we actually believe that the type of tours we organize will be very relevant: small groups, small accommodations, going rural and local.

Since many of our travelers are 60+, their safety is our priority. In brief, this is our approach to organizing tours in Romania in as safe conditions as we can:

  • Our guides and drivers are vaccinated
  • We choose smaller hotels and guesthouses with less rooms, preferably with gardens and outdoor spaces
  • We organize trips for small groups and depending on the situation in Romania, we may test our guides and also ask the groups to get tested before starting the tour
  • When weather allows, we will eat outside at restaurants and terraces
  • When being indoors (museums, castles, fortresses, etc) we will use face masks.
  • When meeting locals we will keep the distance, try as much as possible to interact with them outdoors or wear masks if we are indoors.
  • We are constantly monitoring the Covid-19 situation in Romania (link to WHO) and advise on the best time to travel, where to go and which places to avoid.
  • We also monitor the travel advisories issued by different countries: USA through the State Department and US Emnbassy,  UK gov.uk, Canada. For EU citizens a very relevant website is Re-open EU which provides specific information for travelling between EU countries.

Contact us for additional information at info@true-romania.tours

Testimonials from partners and tour operators for which we organize tours as a DMC:   


Ralph, US, tour organizer:I’ve worked with them for 5 years now, and each trip has been better than the last.”

Paul, UK, tour organizer: ”If you are looking for a tour tailored to your exact needs with incredible attention to detail then look no further.”


Are you interested to partner with us? Then, please email us at info@true-romania.tours your expectations and we’ll take it from there.


Below you can find the tour operator license and the insurance policy for the tourists in case of bankruptcy or insolvency of the company. The tourism license 1250 issued in 2019 replaced the previous license that was issued in 2011 for our tour operator travel agency.

Romania tour operator insurance
We have also chosen to partner with other travel-related companies. For a detailed list, check our Partnerships page.