Summer is one of the most exciting times of the year to photograph a destination. Landscapes are lush and colorful, wildlife is abundant and the long days of summer provide more light than any other time of the year. Add to this the warm temperatures and the good mood of people and you’ll get a variety of opportunities to take incredible photos.

Romania is a spectacular country whenever you decide to visit it, but there are some things that can only be captured during the hot season. Here are our inside tips on what to photograph in Romania in summer!

Haystacks adorning the landscape

In rural areas, especially in Maramures, you can capture the green hills dotted with haystacks.

These are built by hand, without the help of machines, and the process itself is fascinating to watch. One person is in charge of picking the hay from the ground, while another sits atop the pile and tamps in down with her feet.

Once plums are ripe, men are in charge of making palinca, a local beverage with an alcoholic content of over 40%.

They also work with charcoal in the smoke.

Children take advantage of the summer holidays and play in the fields.

There is nothing that says summer more than the contented smile you get on your face after a day’s hard work in the fields.

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The Transfagarasan Road

Known as „the Road to the Sky”, it is Romania’ most famous scenic drive that runs through the Fagaras mountains and has plenty of sharp hairpin turns. It is usually open only from July til October so make sure you add it to your itinerary if you travel to Romania in this period.

Lively early mornings

As the days get longer, people in rural Romania are busy since early morning. It is fun and intriguing to capture them going about their business. You never know when you may get some surprising shots.

Warm sunsets and picturesque backgrounds

The sea of clouds change their shape from moment to moment, the sky gets a red-tinted tone.

Fresh, flowery, luxuriant meadows

June is the moment when native wildflowers bloom in waves across the mountains .

In hay meadows you can find wild orchids, while colorful rare species are scattered around alpine meadows.

A traditional wedding in Northern Romania

The coming of summer also marks the start of the weddings season. Traditional weddings, which are still quite common in Maramures, Oas and other rural areas of the country, are colorful, thrilling and maybe a little bit overwhelming. But definitely something you want to be part of at least once in your lifetime, and during your tour of Romania might be the best moment.

Flocks of sheep

At the beginning of summer shepherds take their sheep and climb high up in the mountains, where they will stay until fall.

The milking of sheep and the making of cheese are just two of the activities you can witness and photograph there.

Beautiful mountainous landscapes

Hiking in the mountains is best done in summer, when the temperatures are right and the views are spectacular. At high altitudes you can still spot snow-capped peaks, while the climb is done along green, teaming with life, trails.

Dark skies painted with intriguing clouds

The foreboding skies that precede the coming of rain showers, dark thunderstorms and impressive rainbows are another thing you can photograph as you travel through Romania in summer.

Summer festivals

Romania is home to plenty of festivals and cultural events, and most of them take place in summer. For instance, you can get unique shots at the Festival of Traditional Costumes, held every August 19th.

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These were our tips on what to photograph in Romania in summer. We’re waiting for you to tell us which is your favorite!

These photos were taken during the private photo tours we organize.