Once fall arrives, Romania turns into a wonderland of multicolored trees, magnificent surroundings and astounding landscapes. Discover with us the best of fall colors in Romania and find out our recommended 8 places to go to in order to get the most amazing shots!


The Apuseni Mountains

Still a secret to many, the Apuseni Mountains are one of the hidden gems of Romania.

The Apuseni Mountains - sunrise

A true paradise for all those who love nature and picturesque landscapes, these mild mountains are not only perfect for an easy hike, but also for capturing an atmosphere unique to Romania.

The Apuseni Mountains - landscape

The tiny villages and hamlets of the Motzi people spread out across the hills reveal the deep traditions embedded in this place. Add to this the spectacular colors of nature in fall and you’ll be sure to get some stunning shots!

The Apuseni Mountains - fall colors


Aries River

The Aries River springs from the Apuseni Mountains and similar to the meaning of its name – the Gold River – it crosses areas rich in precious metals, like Rosia Montana and Baia de Aries. Along the course of the water the trees are painted in spectacular colors, so if the weather is favorable you can take amazing pictures capturing their reflection in the river.

Aries River


Bran-Moeciu region

During autumn the Bran-Moeciu region becomes a memorable spectacle for the eyes. Its main attraction, the Bran Castle, is situated in a valley, fully surrounded by imposing mountains. Once fall comes, the leaves turn all shades of yellow, copper and amber, transforming the place into the perfect scenery for taking photos!

View of the Bran Castle

To fully capture the beauty of the Bran Castle, don’t climb up to the castle – take an alternative route through the forest. This way, not only will you be able to get a better view of the striking monument, but you can also have fun capturing the rays of the sun inundating the forest on a misty morning.

Bran Moeciu region

Further south from Bran Castle you can find some of the most picturesque mountain villages from the Transylvania region. Although their popularity is outshined by their neighboring world-famous attraction, this only helps keep intact the charm of those places. On the surrounding hills you can discover nature at its best – thousands of flowers adorn the ground during the warm season, whilst in fall you can admire the vibrant colors.

Simon village in fall


Ghelari village, Tinutul Padurenilor

Tinutul Padurenilor region may be mostly known for its centuries-old traditions and beautiful rural architecture, but the natural landscape is something you don’t want to miss! From the Ghelari village’s plateau, you can marvel at the vividly colored hardwood forests, mingled with the deep green of the coniferous forests. The views are something out of a fairytale!

Ghelari village, Tinutul Padurenilor


Mocanita, Viseu de Sus village

A trip with the only fully functional narrow-gauge steam train in Europe is a one-of-a-kind experience. The ride takes you from the Viseu de Sus village, along the Vaser Valley, crossing beautiful forests, steep slopes and crystal waters. Although such a ride offers magnificent views any season, in fall it’s sure to be an unrivalled adventure.

Mocanita, Vaser Valley


The Village Museum, Sibiu

The best of fall colors can be admired at the ASTRA Village Museum in Sibiu, the largest open air museum in Romania. All exhibits – traditional Romanian houses, wooden churches, mills – are situated in a natural setting, so once fall comes the whole place undergoes an amazing transformation.

Sibiu Village Museum


The reed beds of Sic

The smaller version of the Danube Delta, the reed beds of Sic are a natural reservation, close to the city of Cluj Napoca. It is a protected area, as numerous species of rare birds live in Romania’s second largest expanse of reeds. A 1-kilometer-long wooden bridge crosses the area, leading to a wooden lookout tower, from where the usually-green-sea-turned-yellow-in-fall can be admired.

The reed beds of Sic, Cluj


The Transfagarasan Road

Chosen by Top Gear as “the World’s Best Road Trip”, the Transfagarasan Road is sure to offer the best of fall colors in Romania! Although most people are stunned by the spectacular views from the peak, the path through the vivid forest is also magnificent. As you start to go up, you can see the Fagaras Mountain looming ahead, its grandeur leaving you in awe.

Transfagarasan Road


These are our recommended places to witness the fall colors in Romania, locations where you can capture the mountains enveloped in the thick morning fog, the traditional houses bathed in the light of the sunrise and the secluded villages spread out over wavy hills!

The pictures were taken during one of our private photo tours.