Wine Tour from Timisoara on 4th of July Weekend

Wine Tour from Timisoara on 4th of July Weekend

Celebrate with a glass of Romanian wine

10 Days

For July 4th we invite you for a long weekend break to discover Banat, the western region of Romania, its wines and the city of Timisoara, Europe’s cultural capital in 2021 and the place where the 1989 anti-communist revolution started.

Highlights of the Wine Tour from Timisoara on 4th of July Weekend

  • Enjoy the flavors of the local wines
  • Try some of neighboring Serbia’s best wines
  • Attend a folk costumes and dance festival with ensembles from all over Romania and across the world
  • Learn about the rich history of Timisoara
  • Enjoy a fireworks show on July 4th


Suggested Itinerary

This is a guided and group tour, you will be part of a larger group. If you’d like to do this tour on other dates we can organize a private tour for you. 

Day 1  3rd of July 2019 – Wednesday

You will arrive in the evening in Timisoara, the largest city in Western Romania. On that day will start a very interesting festival in Timisoara called the Festival of Hearts which will take place in one of the public parks in the city. Traditional folk music and dance groups from Romania and many other countries will perform on stage until July 7th.

So we will take advantage and right after we check in we will go to the festival to see the performances and try some of the street food offered there.

Accommodation in Timisoara.


Day 2  4h of July 2019 – Thursday (Happy 4th of July!)

Happy 4th of July! You will spend this special day in a special way by learning about the rich history of the area and about Romanian wines … plenty of reasons to make it a happy day!

Timisoara has a very interesting history. Start your Wine Tour from Timisoara on 4th of July Weekend with a guided tour of the city during which you will learn about its Austro-Hungarian, Turkish and Romanian past, why there were so many Germans living here for a few centuries and how the 1989 anti-communist revolution started here and unfolded. The city was designated Europe’s Cultural Capital for 2021 and you will learn about the changes which this will bring to the city and you will feel the excitement towards 2021 present in the city.

For lunch and early afternoon you will have the possibility to explore the town and in late afternoon you will visit one of the most important catholic basilica minor from Romania in the town of Lipova.

Wine making in this region called Banat has the same recent history as elsewhere in Romania. Even though the region has good potential for making good wines, during the communist period the focus was on quantity. Only in the last 5-10 years the region was revived and new private wineries focusing on quality were open.

We will visit two of them, one on this day and one of the 6th of July. The first is in Minis, owned by Balla Geza, a pioneer in making quality wines and also promoting wine tourism in the region.  Here you will try some less common wines such as Cadarca or Mustoasa de Maderat (originates in this region) but also their high-end stone wines. We will also have a hearty dinner at this winery, their specialty being the goulash (being close to Hungary).  And since this is a special day for Americans we will close the evening with the much expected fireworks show for the 4th of July.

Winery in Western Romania

Accommodation in Timisoara.

Drive time: 2h 30′


Day 3  5th of July 2019 – Friday

Now that you’ve got a taste of Romanian wines, we invite you to explore the wines of Serbia, given the close proximity of the country to Timisoara. We will visit 2 wineries from Serbia and taste their best wines, at one of them we will also have lunch. They produce some very good white wines but also some remarkable reds. Serbia also has some local types of grapes so you will get to experiment with tasting those as well.

In the evening we will be back in Timisoara and you will have time on your own to explore more of the local wine bars and restaurants which have opened in the last few years. Or head again to the festival to enjoy the music and dance performances.

Accommodation in Timisoara.

Drive time: 2h 30’


Day 4  6th of July 2019 – Saturday

In the morning while it is still cool we will have a bike ride along the river that flows through the town. Or you can choose to stay by the hotel pool and relax.

Around lunch time we will visit a young winery close to Timisoara established by an Italian from Veneto region. It is called Petrovaselo (named after the village where it is located) and we will try their best wines, have lunch and learn why an Italian decided to invest in a wine making in this region.


In the afternoon we return to Timisoara, enjoy some more of the music and dance shows at the festival and then for our last dinner we will go to a restaurant where we will have dinner alongside a selection of the best Romanian wines from all over the country.

Accommodation in Timisoara.

Drive time: 1h 30′


Day 5  7th of July 2019 – Sunday

We hope you have enjoyed your time in Romania (and Serbia) and their wines. This will be the last day of your Wine Tour from Timisoara on 4th of July Weekend so you will have a free morning in the city and around noon you will be transferred to the airport.


Why travel with us

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Suggested Accommodation

Casa del Sole 4* – Timisoara

Situated close to the center, Casa del Sole was opened on the initiative of a family willing to offer excellence and high quality accommodation to Timisoara’s visitors. The 26 rooms are clean and comfortable each one having a beautiful Italian style which is predominant in the hotel. The two restaurants have a large variety of international food but focus more on the Italian cuisine, the first one displaying an elegant and romantic style and the second one being more traditional. On sunny days you can relax and enjoy a drink on the charming terrace or have a swim in the outdoor pool.

Wine Tour from Timisoara on 4th of July Weekend: Included Services

  • Accommodation for 4 nights in standard double rooms with breakfast (B) included
  • Certified English speaking tour guide (accommodation, relocation and meals are included)
  • Wine tasting (at least 5 wines) & meals:
    • July 4th
      • Dinner and wine tasting + 3 minutes fireworks at Balla Geza (premium wines)
    • July 5th
      • Lunch with wine tasting in Serbia
      • 1 wine tasting in Serbia
    • July 6th
      • Lunch with wine tasting at Petrovaselo
      • Dinner with wine tasting at restaurant in Timisoara. The meal includes starter or soup, main course and desert and water (the dishes will be shared family style). For wines we will try as a group 5 different wines and on average there will be a bottle of wine per 2 people
  • Transportation
    • Airport to hotel transfers on arrival day and from hotel to airport on departure day
    • By minibus on July 4-6 between Timisoara the wineries we will visit

Services which are not included in the tour package price:

  • Dinners on July 3rd and 5th
  • Lunch on July 4th and 7th

800 EUR/person