Wildlife tour in Romania
Wildlife tour in Romania
Explore the habitat of bears, wolves & lynx
4 Days

This wildlife tour of Romania takes you into the wilderness where the largest wild carnivore animals in Europe live.

During 5 days you will learn in a non-intrusive way about bears, wolves, lynx and also about chamois, dear and many species of birds. You have good chances of seeing wild bears but since their habitat are the forests we cannot guarantee that you will see each of the animals. Nevertheless the experience is thrilling.

Suggested Itinerary

This is a private guided tour. It will be organized for you only, so you will not be part of a larger group.

Day 1  Hike to high alpine meadows
Day 2  Learning about large European carnivores
Day 3  Observing rewilding and reforestation work in Dambovita Valley
Day 4  Hike into Valea Vladului
Why travel with us

Day 1

This Wildlife Tour of Romania starts in Brasov from where you will be transferred to Zarnesti village. Being close to Piatra Craiului Mountain, from Zarnesti the guide will drive you with an off-road car through narrow valleys till the end of road. From there you will hike for 45 minutes to two cabin hides (Comis 1 si Comis 2).

The highlight of this first day is the hike that continues to the high alpine meadows where you might find chamois that are grazing. Then you will descend to another hide (Bunea), a wooden cabin, where you will spend the night hoping to see some wildlife activity from the large windows. The hide has also exceptional views towards Piatra Craiului Mountain, Iezer-Papusa Mountain, Pecineagu Lake or Comisu Mountain.

Wildflowers in high alpine meadows - Hiking tour of Romania

Day 2
The day starts early, when wildlife is active and observation is possible right from the (Bunea) hide. Trap cameras will be checked for the recordings of the wildlife activity of the night.

This second day will focus on carnivores. You will learn from experts about footprints, habits and collecting samples for diet or genetic analysis. The guides will use only non-invasive methods, without disturbing the normal behaviour of the animal. At the end of the day you will return to the cabin hide (Bunea) where the beautiful landscape of Pecineagu lake surrounded by mountains gives you the opportunity to spend some quiet, relaxing time.

Day 3

An off-road car drives you to a project area located in the upper Dambovita Valley, a mixture of wild valleys, virgin forests and partially restored areas.

Following the forest restitution in 2005, massive clear-cuts have destroyed thousands of hectares in South-Eastern Fagaras Mountains. A conservationist foundation has embarked on one of the largest re-wildling projects in Europe and intends to bring the ecosystem in the Dambovita back into its original state. Experience the restoration of clear-cuts, the rebuilding of the forest floor on eroded tractor tracks, massive replanting with beech, sycamore, fir, rowan, or the re-introduction of Yew to re-establish the original forest composition.

This trip demonstrates active rewilding work and shows how nature comes back after a devastating incident. Visitors may see all the efforts for rewilding and reforestation of this beautiful part of Romania: top-soil restoration works, tree nurseries, plantation of saplings on restored forest floor, conversion of spruce monocultures into mixed mountain forests, observation of various mountain bird species and discovering tracks of the Carpathian fauna.

The day will end at a local pension in a mountain village.

Day 4
On the fourth day of your wildlife tour of Romania a trip with not a difficult hike is planned to a valley rich in wildlife. Valea Vladului is one of the remotest places in the southern Fagaras Mountains.

At the end of this day you will leave the mountains and its flora and fauna and you will return to Brasov.

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Suggested Accommodation

Wooden cabin in the mountains

This wooden cabin is located in the heart of the forest, surrounded by mountains and a peaceful lake. It offers single beds in a shared bedroom, as well as a joint bathroom. The cabin uses a stove fueled by wood to provide heat, which adds to the coziness of the place. If lucky, from the large windows you might see animals walking by or other traces of wildlife activity.    
Wildlife tour in Romania: Included Services
  • Private transfer on the above itinerary by normal and off-road car (fuel, taxes and parking fees are included)
  • Certified English speaking tour guide (accommodation, relocation and meals are included)
  • Accommodation for 3 nights in (Bunea) cabin hide and in pension in double and single rooms
  • All meals starting with lunch on day 1 and ending with lunch on day 4. They are healthy, organic meals, prepared with care by your guide, from local products. In the evenings you will enjoy organic, gourmet dinners freshly prepared at the hide.

600 EUR/person 

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