Visit Transylvania in May-June 2019


Together with Adriana we have put together 2 tours and we hope you can participate.

You will have the chance to discover some of the most beautiful natural, rural and cultural sights in Transylvania and help you understand the rich and complicated history and multicultural flavors of the region.

We are proposing you two options, the main difference being in the number of days, and therefore, number of attractions you will get to see.


Option 1: 16-21 May, 6 days

During this tour you will discover well preserved villages, a marble village, taste a home-made meal in Orlat and visit a sheepfold. You will also learn about the history of Romania by visiting ancient Dacian ruins and the Alba Iulia fortress. Further on you will admire the rich Saxon heritage at Calnic Fortress and in the old center of Sibiu, but also traditional Romanian houses at the Open Air Village Museum. Splendid architecture can be seen at Corvin Castle and Densus Church, while going down in an alien-looking salt mine will be a unique experience. On those particular dates there is a Jazz Festival in Sibiu and a museum night at Corvin Castle with beautiful lighting.

All throughout your trip you will have opportunities to spend time in nature and relax.

See detailed tour description in pdf here: Tour of Transylvania for Adriana – May 16-21, 2019


Option 2: 30 may – 10 June, 12 days

The first 5 days of the tour are identical with option 1.

Option 2 also provides the chance to meet with members of local communities, such as a gypsy coppersmith family or craftsmen from Viscri village (blacksmith or brickmaker). You will also get to a visit a glass-making factory and enjoy a relaxing day in the mountains. You will see more UNESCO World Heritage places such as Viscri and Sighisoara Medieval Citadel. Other places of interest are Brasov, the famous Bran and Peles Castles, Bucharest city center and the bear sanctuary in Zarnesti.

This tour is planned in a period that includes public holidays in Netherlands (May 30th and June 10th).

See detailed tour description in pdf here: Tour of Transylvania for Adriana – May 30- June 10, 2019


Next steps

  • Please let us know before February 15th 2019 if you are interested to participate by email at When writing, inform us which dates you prefer (option 1 or 2), how many of you would like to participate, if the suggested flights are ok with you or you will travel to Cluj-Napoca (Romania) and back differently, your citizenship and if you need visa to travel to Romania. Also, ask us any questions you may have. During the Christmas and New Year period we may not respond as we will be on holiday J .
  • After February 15th, once we know how big the group will be, we will ask you to make a down payment (we’ll provide the bank account then) to secure your spot and you can also book your flight (if you are sure you will come, you can book flights even earlier).
  • Due amount should be paid with one month before the tour start date


Turda Salt Mine

The town of Alba Iulia

Corvin Castle in Hunedoara

Milking the sheep

Open Air Village Museum

Bran castle

Palace of the Parliament