Transylvania region had the highest nobility density in Europe and there you can encounter the most charming castle and manor hotels in Romania. In this wonderful historical region, surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains, three important nations have been living for centuries: Saxons, Hungarians and Romanians alongside Roma, Jews, Armenians, Ukrainians and many more.

For many centuries the Hungarians ruled this historical province and they brought the German Saxons at the beginning of the 11th century to protect the area from the migratory tribes. They built imposing castles in strategical locations and medieval fortress.

The geopolitics of the time, in which Transylvania was strongly threatened by the Ottoman conquest, led to the allotment of lands to brave army leaders that had helped to reject the Ottomans and to preserve the Habsburg Empire.

So, there appeared a significant number of noble families either of Saxon, Hungarian or even Romanian origin, who due to the privileges of the time, Hungarianized their names and switched to Catholicism. Those noble families owned the most charming castles of Romania and traditional manors.

In others historical provinces of Romania such as Wallachia and Moldova, located beyond the Carpathians, some noble Greek families established, became nobleman and built imposing manors.

Some of those castles and manors have been converted in recent decades in hotels and offer astonishing landscape, splendid courtyards, great indoors, place where you will be treated as a royalty.

We have selected some of the best castle hotels in Romania. Just think which one you’d like to experience and maybe, one day, you will get there.

The Polizu Manor is an authentic manor guesthouse located in the north-east of Romania near Iasi. It is a bohemian place, with grandeur from another world, where elegance and nature prevail. The mansion escaped the bulldozer blades of the communist regime and, although it was used as a security headquarters, in 2006 it bloomed again. You can accommodate in the 19 rooms of the manor, furnished and decorated in neo-classical style. You can relish the flavour of the local wine from the wine cellar, you can let your mind be free in the wonderful outdoor area.

The Maldar Manor situated in the south side of the Carpathians is the place where you can feel the aristocratic indulgence of a few centuries ago. It is a real mansion with 18 rooms, each one having a different story, here you can find a refined ensemble of restored old furniture and carpets that combines with the modern.

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Viscri 125 is the place in the heart of Transylvania that has reborn as the Phoenix bird. The place is an authentic Saxon guesthouse situated one of the oldest medieval villages of Transylvania. That seems to be in the mist of time in the virgin forests of the area. Here the comfort is the result of the mixture between traditional and modern. The Saxon rooms envelop the visitor in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Organic food from the garden can delight your senses. It is the place where you definitely want to come back.

Haller Castle has a special place among our list of chosen castle hotels in Romania. It is one of the first renovated castle from Transylvania that reflected the elegance of the past. The castle was built in the 17th century in Baroque style. The 14 rooms offer the guest the old atmosphere of the nobility with large rooms with elegant furniture and a cuisine with special recipes. The relaxed atmosphere is completed by an outdoor swimming pool. Haller Castle, one of the most beautiful castle hotels in Romania is the place where grandeur is combined with comfort and the good life with high standards of hospitality.

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A traditional 17th century historical hunting manor situate in the Saxon Village of Miclasoara, the Count Kalnoky Manor offers its guests three hundred years of Transylvanian architectural history. The Manor is located in a valley bordered by high forested hills, having the image of Carpathians Mountains on the horizon. Count Tibor Kalnoky has recreated this family nest after the years of communism. You can sleep in the rooms that preserve the rural, quiet atmosphere, which are furnished with traditional furniture, with handicraft items, you can lie down on soft blankets and in winter you can enjoy the fire from the wood-burning stoves or you can experience a total relaxation in the modern sauna of the manor.

“La Turnuri” (translated as towers) is an authentic historical boutique type hotel built on the royal estate next tp the Peles and Pelisor Castles hidden in the fairyland of the Carpathian Mountains. You can enjoy the German-style architecture; you can walk on the green carpet of the forest during the summer or on the shining snow in winter and you can breathe the freshness of the mountain air. This structure is part of the most charming castle of Romania, the Peles Castle. The hotel has 16 spacious rooms enveloped in a majestic atmosphere with a fabulous view towards the Peleș Castel, whose tower pierces the forest at the foot of the mountains.

So if you want to stay in castle hotel in Romania where the royal family stayed, then this is your best option.

Zabola Estate is an idyllic place situated in Covasna, Transylvania and it is a place that seem to be taken from the English romantic poems. The domain stretches over 50 hectares where the key word is relaxation, the area being one of the few in Europe where human intervention is minimal. On this domain you can enjoy a picnic at sunsets or walk with your loved one around the lake. Also, the area is perfect for hiking, very close being the Carpathians. The keystone stone was laid 300 years ago by the nobleman Benek Mikes, the manor knowing many uses throughout history. The property is still owned by the same noble family and includes 1 castle and 4 outbuildings with 7 dining areas, some of which are located outside. The large rooms, with oak-coloured parquet, large beds and large velvet curtains create a warm mansion atmosphere, the Zabola Estate being an authentic guest house with a special charm. We call it guest house because the family who built it and owned still lives on the property. You can call it castle or manor but it is definitely one of our top pics castle hotels in Romania.

Daniel Castle located in Talisoara, built 400 years ago has the noble air of a medieval castle, natural stone walls, wooden beams, aristocratic furniture. This authentic guest house castle is one that has its history engraved in the walls; some of the 8 rooms have original paintings with the Ottoman theme. Each room has a different theme. Natural and bio cooking complete the noble air of the place. The area is ideal for hiking, cycling but is also in this place you can discover traditional local crafts. This castle hotel from central Romania also has a spa in a cellar so gets extra points for relaxation.

We conclude our list of the most charming castle hotels in Romania with Apafi Manor in Malancrav, Transylvania region. Here you have the feeling that you are on the setting of a centuries old book. The construction of the manor began 600 years ago by Mihail Apafi and has gone through some important changes made in the 18th century by the Bethlen family. Transformed by the communists into a cultural home, the restauration began in 2002. Currently, the mansion has 4 double rooms and 1 single room, each equipped with a guest bathroom, you also can enjoy the library and the guest room. The interior has colour due to traditional woven carpets, the Victorian furniture and unique dowry boxes placed next to beds. As a guest, you will be fascinated by the tranquillity of the place away from any hustle and bustle.

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We invite you to experience a vivid rich history embedded in the most authentic and charming castle hotels in Romania.