Terms and conditions


The tour operator company owning this website was established in 2011 and the tourism license was provided by the Romanian Tourism Ministry under the name “Via Transylvania Tours” while the legal name is SC Via Dar SRL.

The terms and conditions bellow represent the contract between our agency and you as a tourist participating in our tour packages or booking a tailored self-drive tour. Therefore it is essential that you read through carefully and contact us in case you have any questions.

Romania is a safe country, but before making the decision to travel make sure the check your country’s travel advisories. These are the links to the US Department of State, the United Kingdom Departments of Foreign Affairs, the Australian Departments of Foreign Affairs and the Canadian Government travel advisory. 


A. Rights and obligations of the Agency

1. If the agency needs to change one of the essential provisions in a package tour, the tourist will be informed by email at least 15 days before the start date of the package tour.

2. The agency can change the price of the package tour, only due to variations in transport costs or foreign exchange rates related to the package tour.

3. If, after the beginning of the package tour, the agency cannot deliver an important part of the agreed services, the agency will propose alternatives of the same quality and quantity without increasing the price or pay back the tourist the difference for the undelivered services. In case it cannot propose alternatives or the tourist doesn’t accept it for good reasons, the agency will transport the tourist to an agreed location within Romania at no extra cost and pay back the difference for the undelivered services.

4. The agency is responsible for delivering the agreed package tour except if tourists obstruct the delivery, due to reasons of force majeure or circumstances which neither the agency nor the service providers could not foresee or forestall.

5. The agency can cancel a tour if the minimum number of valid reservations hasn’t been met and communicate the cancellation to the tourists who have already paid with at least 15 days prior to the tour scheduled date. In this case please read article 5 under “Tourist’s rights and obligations”.

6. The agency will provide tourists by email at least 5 days before the start of the package tour a detailed daily schedule and contact information of the tour guides.

7. In case the tourist needs to apply for visa and the agency needs to provide documents which will involve a cost, the agency will inform the tourist about the costs and add those costs to the overall price.


B. Rights and obligations of tourist

1. To make a valid reservation, the booking should be done through the agency website https://true-romania.tours/; then the agency will issue an invoice and the tourist should pay 10-100% of the value of the tour to confirm the reservation. The full amount is due 4 weeks before the first day of the tour and should be paid by the tourist to be considered a valid booking. If the tourist requires an invitation letter in order to apply for a visa, 50% of the amount should be paid in advance and the other 50% with 4 weeks before the first day of the tour.

2. If the tourist is unable to attend the package tour, a replacement can be found and notify the agency by email with at least five days before departure.

3. Pension or hotel check in is after 13:00 and check out before 12:00.

4. If prices initially agreed are increased by the agency with more than 10%, the tourist may
cancel the reservation and is entitled to full reimbursement of amounts previously paid to the agency. Within 5 days of receiving the notification about the price change, the tourist may opt to cancel or accept it by email; if no answer is received, it is assumed that the change is accepted.

5. In case the tourist or the agency cancels the package tour before its start date, the tourist is entitled to choose at the same price another package tour with similar or better conditions proposed by the agency. In case the proposed package tour conditions are of lower quality, the tourist can accept and will receive the difference. In case agency doesn’t make any proposal or the tourist doesn’t accept it, the tourist is entitled to compensation.

6. In all above cases the tourist is entitled to seek compensation from the agency for not delivering on initially agreed package tour. One exception is if the cancellation was due to failure to meet minimum number of persons mentioned to run the package tour and the tourist was informed by email with at least 15 days preceding the starting date of the package tour. Others exceptions are if the cancellation was due to force majeure circumstance or the cancellation has been the fault of the tourist.

7. If tourist requires changes in services which are accommodated with difficulty, the tourist will pay extra the equivalent of the service provider price list.

8. If other costs occur except what has been initially agreed for the package tour, the tourist will cover those costs.

9. Tourist must present their identification document at the accommodation facility reception.


C. Cancellations, penalties, damages

1. If tourist willingly cancels participating in the package tour the following penalties apply:

i.  10% if the cancellation occurs with more than 30 days before the start of the package tour; this covers bank transfer costs and minimal agency administrative expenses

ii. 25% of the package tour price if the cancellation occurs within 16-30 days before package tour start date;

iii. 100% of the package tour price if the cancellation occurs with less than 16 days before package tour start date.

2. In case an embassy refuses to grant entry visas for the purpose of the package tour, the agency will forfeit advance payment to direct service providers and its own operating expenses and pay back the rest of the amount. The tourist should be able to proof with documents that the Romanian embassy rejected their visa application.

3. A tourist who entered Romania for the purpose of the package tour, is solely responsible for coming under the incidence of the Romanian law, such as in the situation of visa overstay.

4. In case the tourist cannot attend the package tour because of missing flights, not arriving on time, no show or legal issues it will be considered a cancellation from the tourism side and penalties will apply.

5. Cancellation should be done by email, explicitly, in English.

6. The Agency will award damages based on the degree of non-compliance with initial agreed conditions for the package tour.


D. Complaints

If the tourist is unsatisfied with the delivered level of services, it should be communicated immediately to accompanying guide, agency representative or service provider. If needed, within 24 hours, a written complaint will be made, clearly describing the deficiencies. Both the agency and tourist services provider will take immediate action to resolve the complaint, if considered justified. If the complaint is not resolved or partially resolved, the tourist will make a formal complaint to the agency in writing no later than 5 calendar days after the end of the package tour and if considered justified, the travel agency can compensate for the deficiencies and communicate it within 10 days of receiving the complaint.


E. Insurance

The tourist is insured for reimbursement of repatriation costs or amounts paid in case of insolvency or bankruptcy of the agency. The Insurer is SC Omniasig Vienna Insurance Group SA with their office in Bucharest, Aleea Alexandru. nr. 51, Sector 1, 011822 Romania, telephone +40 21 4057420, the insurance policy number is I nr 57263 valid until 26.01.2024 and renewed yearly.

The tourist should also conclude on his own medical and travel insurance to safeguard himself from risks.


Sales and delivery of the package tour is in compliance with Romanian laws 107/1999 and 631/2001 together with their later amendments.




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