Romania Guided Tours 


Our Romania guided tours allow you to experience the unique charm of the country more deeply. Accompanied by people dear to you, you’ll travel at your own pace and visit the attractions that you find interesting!

Tour Romania with us and get a taste of its culture, learn about its rich history and the human stories behind the faces. By interacting with locals and visiting off-the-beaten-path tourist attractions, you’ll get to discover “true Romania”.

For inspiration, please have a look below at our suggested Romania guided tours which can be customised to your preferences.

Or write us at about your interests and we’ll send you a tailor-made tour proposal.

Best of Romania Tour 2019

Private Guided Tour of Romania

Most beautiful sites in Transylvania, Maramures and Bucovina
14 Days

For two full weeks you will explore Bucharest, Transylvania, Bucovina and Maramures, regions rich in centuries-old traditions and fascinating and diverse heritage.

The highlights of this private guided Romania tour are the medieval castles, painted monasteries, wooden churches, brown bears, quaint villages and hospitable locals who carry on centuries’ old traditions.

Tour of Transylvania from Cluj-Napoca

Private Guided Tour of Transylvania 

Unveil the mystery & enjoy its nature, history and culture 

10 Days

Start this guided tour of Transylvania from Cluj-Napoca, a vibrant city set in the heart of Romania.

This tour will take you to some of the most beautiful natural, rural and medieval sights in Transylvania and help you understand the rich and complicated history and multicultural flavors of Transylvania.

Cluj, caves, mountains, fortifications and castles, Sibiu, Viscri, bears and craftsmen are all included.

Velo-Transylvania cycling tour in Romania

Velo-Transylvania cycling tour in Romania

Discover by bike Transylvania’s old world charm
8 Days
This cycling tour of Romania brings you to Transylvania, Romania’s most intriguing and famous region. But instead of pedalling into Dracula land, you will immerse yourself in a well preserved natural, rural and cultural landscape.

German ethnics who lived here for over 800 years left behind many fortifications and medieval towns. As you slowly ride your bike you will have the feeling of stepping back in time when a horse cart will overtake you or you will see shepherds and subsistence farmers keeping up with old farming techniques.

Hiking Tour of Romania - Retezat Mountains

Guided Hiking Tour of Romania

Discover the picturesque hiking trails of the Carpathians

9 Days

Explore the majestic Carpathian Mountains during this 9-day hiking tour of Transylvania. You will climb high peaks, pass by impressive rock formations and admire idyllic panoramas. But you will also get to discover the gentle hilly landscapes where sheep graze in the summer or walk through vegetable-rich gorges.

To make this a memorable trip, you’ll also explore the beautiful medieval town of Sibiu and the famous castles of Transylvania: Bran and Peles.

Easter Holidays in Romania

Tour Romania during the Easter Holidays

Immerse yourself into the rich customs of the locals
10 Days

Easter Holidays in Romania is a time when a lot of traditions come to life and we invite you to experience them. Painting Easter eggs, the “shooting of the rooster”, perfuming women and first farmer’s celebration are some of the customs you will witness.

While discovering the unique traditions specific to the Easter holidays you will also visit Romania’s most beautiful sights in Transylvania, Bucovina and Maramures. A guided tour will provided with context and explanations so you can fully enjoy this holidays even if you of different religion or not religious. 

Maramures and Bucovina Tour

Maramures and Bucovina Guided Tour

Discover the authentic way of life

7 Days

Explore the best of Maramures and Bucovina during this 7-day guided tour. See the only “Merry Cemetery” in the world, admire Europe’s highest wooden church, ride a narrow-gauge steam train, learn about the wood-carving culture and about the craft of painting eggs.

Amidst visits and explorations, enjoy the hospitality of the people and get drawn for a few days in the quaint way of life specific to Romanian villages.

Scenic drives of Romania - self-drive tour
Scenic drives of Romania – self-drive tour
Drive on the most spectacular roads of Romania
15 Days

Besides its multiculturalism and quaint countryside, Romania is home to beautiful mountains crossed by spectacular roads, some of them being at more than 2000 m altitude. Get in the car and discover the most scenic drives of Romania for 15 days and make sure you don’t miss the other highlights of the country.

This self-drive tour will take you to the castles and medieval towns of Transylvania, the famous painted monasteries of Bucovina and the quaint life of Maramures people. On your way you will travel through beautiful mountain passes and enjoy the scenery of Romania’s nature.

Christmas and New Year Holiday Tour in Romania

Tour Romania during Christmas and New Year Holidays 

Celebrate the most beloved holiday in a magical land
15 Days

Spend the Christmas holidays and New Year’s Eve in Romania and witness well-kept customs and traditions coming to life! A guided tour will assure that you are at the right spot, at the right time. 

As you’ll tour the country you’ll take part in exciting winter activities and relax in scenic places. Add to this a stay in an ice hotel and a ride with a dog-drawn sleigh and you’ll make your winter dream trip a reality!

Christmas Tour of Romania – self-drive tour
Christmas Tour of Romania – self-drive tour
Enjoy the magic of Christmas traditions, carols and markets
11 Days

Christmas is probably the most loved holiday for many people across the world and when the country boasts with unique traditions as well, higher are the chances to experience an unforgettable Christmas.

This tour will take you the regions of Transylvania and Maramures where you will be immersed into the rich traditions of people from Romania. Besides spending the Christmas with locals, you will be able to discover some of the most beautiful sites from these two regions. We can organise it as a private self-drive or guide tour of Romania. 

Maramures and Bucovina Tour

Fall Colours Guided Photo Tour of Romania

One week in the charming Transylvania region

8 Days

Autumn, October in particular, is one of the best times for photographers to visit Romania. Join us on this Autumn Colours Guided Photo Tour of Romania and you will be in for a treat of coloured leaves, from the red wild cherry trees, yellow birch to the evergreens.

We will navigate the mountains and forests and very interesting communities of people will give you great photo opportunities. Much of the countryside is dotted with small family farms where hand tools and draft animals are still in use.

What are the benefits of choosing a private Romania guided tour?


1.Your interests come first!

We’ll first communicate with you by email and voice to understand that interests you. Then we’ll suggest an itinerary that allows you to discover the side of Romania that you are most interested in. In the past, we’ve organised tailor-made guided tours focused on hiking, wildflowers, photography, art & architecture, Roma communities or local wines, history, UNESCO heritage sites, wildlife amongst others. Also, if you have family origins from Romania and you want to visit the places where your ancestors lived, find historical records or living relatives, a bespoke tour is the best option. Moreover, if you have various interests, we can mix and match until you get your perfect tour. We really want that our our guided tours of Romania to bring real value to you. From our first tour in 2011 we didn’t organise 2 identical tours.

2.Everything is personalized to your preferences

You decide where you want the tour to start and end, how many days it should last, what kind of accommodation you are comfortable with, what level of comfort you prefer, what budget you want to fit. You’ll travel only with your friends or family, at your own pace. Maybe you want to squeeze in as many attractions as possible or maybe you want to take your time in each location and absorb its unique atmosphere. The decisions are all yours.  

3. We can accommodate specific food and cultural preferences 

Another aspect to take into consideration is that during a private guided tour it is easier to accommodate special requirements. If you have particular food preferences (vegetarian, Kosher, halal, allergies) or culture-related requests it is easier to meet them through a tailor-made tour.


4.The itinerary is generally flexible during our Romania guided tours 

An outline of the itinerary is decided in advance but because it is a private tour, during your actual trip you can make small changes to it. That means you have the freedom to make several stops on the way if you see something that interests you or spend more time than planned in a place that you like.


5.You get the most of your guide’s knowledge

Being a small group, you will get undivided attention from your guide. He or she will be able to answer all your questions, on topics related to what most interests you. You’ll hear stories related to the daily lives of the local people, interesting facts about Romania’s culture and fascinating pieces of historical information.


Contact us for a guided tour of Romania at


Unique experiences you can have during our Romania guided tours

Besides visiting the famous castles, churches, medieval towns and so on, a private tour also gives you the possibility to enjoy some unique experiences, which would otherwise be inaccessible:

  • You can stay in small boutique accommodations, wooden houses, fortresses or boutique hotels with only a few rooms. There are certain accommodations that we only include for small-group guided groups, such as staying in a UNESCO Fortress with only two rooms or a charming wooden house up in the mountains in an isolated area.
  • You can interact with locals and craftsmen and make the most out of your meeting. You have the time flexibility needed to enjoy a deep conversation or to try your hands at the craft you are learning about.
  • You can join local events without getting too much attention. Traditional weddings in Maramures, holidays-related customs or local fairs and markets will provide a rich insight into the local Romanian culture. And those are possible to include in a small-group guided tour of Romania.



Testimonials from previous Romania guided tours

We wanted to visit Romania and Transylvania but it was challenging finding the exact tour we wanted. They were able to customize our weeklong tour through Transylvania and it was the best experience of our lives! Via Transylvania was the most efficient tour company I have ever worked with. We corresponded through dozens of emails and they were always quick with a fast and thorough response. The itinerary went smoothly, even when one of our travel companions missed their flight and had to arrive a day later to the tour, the Via Transylvania team ensured that they met up with our group as soon as possible. Their dedication to serve us is what made our trip so memorable. Romania is a beautiful country that certainly surpassed our expectations. Truthfully, I have traveled to over 30 different countries but Romania is now my number one favorite- and that is solely because of the fantastic logistics of Via Transylvania.

Jenelle from the USA

We just returned from a family roots trip throughout Transylvania, following our family’s historic journey. We contacted the company a few months prior to the trip, and worked closely with them on our list of towns. They were most courteous throughout the process, and often provided us information about the communities we were interested in visiting. Once we arrived in Romania, our guide, worked diligently to make sure we were fulfilled by our visits to every location. He even took us on small, unknown roads on top of mountains to explore the beauty of Romania. At times our itinerary changed due to an interest in visiting a synagogue or cemetery, and the guide was perfectly accommodating. His knowledge, flexibility, warmth and kind manner made himthe perfect guide. We will be back visiting Romania soon!

Michal from Georgia, USA

They organized a custom tour for our group of 4 friends, and it was fantastic. We decided between ourselves what we wanted to see – countryside life, historic buildings, medieval towns, nature reserves – and they came up with a great itinerary to show us the best of Romania. We would have never seen and experienced all the wonderful things we have, has it not been for their local expertise – and true passion for sharing their country. I’m usually not one for taking tours, but the ease or organization (transport makes a big difference), private tour just for our small group, and such a tailored approach was faultless. I’ve been to over 40 countries, and this trip to Romania is one of the best travel experiences I’ve ever had!

Svetlana from Australia

They organised a self-drive tour through Transylvania for us and it couldn’t have been better. Organising the tour was a breeze with easy communication to ensure we got exactly what we wanted to out of our trip. We were provided a comprehensive itinerary and guidebook which was extremely useful and made everything easy. The accommodation was great, a combination of hotels and local Guesthouses that provide a real look at the Romanian culture. I can’t recommend enough their services!

Steven from the UK

Why choose our Romania Guided Tours


During all our Romania guided tours you will benefit from our extensive local knowledge and expertise in order to get a memorable experience.

The travelers who choose our private tours are usually discerning travelers with jobs ranging from accountants, garage mechanics or postmen all the way to ambassadors, generals and CEO of oil companies. In the past we have organized private tours for families with children or multigenerational families (grandparents, parents and children).

Your tailor-made tour of Romania can be guided of self-drive, for small or medium-size group.

Our Romania tour operator company is licensed as Via Transylvania Tours by the Romanian Tourism Authority. We are featured in the Bradt and Routard travel guides, have exhibited at WTM in London and ITB in Berlin travel fairs and since 2017 we are present on TripAdvisor where you can read reviews from our previous tours of Transylvania and Romania.

We look forward to hosting you in Romania!


Interested in one of our Romania guided tours? Please write us an email at about your interests and we’ll send you a tailor-made proposal.