Day trips for Ukrainian refugees near Sibiu

Romania is a host country to over 100,000 Ukrainian refugees, who fled their homes due to the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine. Those who are settled in Sibiu, the heart of the Transylvania region, and try to continue their lives in a new, albeit, temporary home, venture to nearby regions in search of relaxation, adventure or to satisfy their thirst for knowledge.

Paltinis is undoubtedly one of the key attractions for Ukrainians. Foraging mushrooms and forest berries became a new exotic hobby for many, who were not used to mountains back at home. Fresh air, scenic landscapes and authentic environment are a bonus for those who took time to leave Sibiu for a day trip. Kids especially enjoy a thrill of searching and finding something edible. They equally enjoy a run along mountain rivers, hopping on pebbles and logs connecting its banks, and somewhat accidentally testing the waters.

Nature helps heal wounds left by the hardships of the ongoing war.

Besides Paltinis, other popular areas for venturing out are in the Mărginimea Sibiului region. Its numerous marked trails, quaint villages, charming nature offer a variety of activities for everyone – young people, families, seasoned adventurers and even those who never were on the lookout for holiday trips.

Other popular trips require more preparation and organization, yet they reward with enjoyment of discovery. Among those are trips to Alba-Iulia and Turda, Brasov and Sighisoara, Transalpina and Transfagarasan. Discovering medieval citadels and fortified churches, man-made wonders and natural landscapes distract people’s attention from routine thoughts about home, and for a moment transform them from refugees into travelers, explorers of the world.

Since we are based in Sibiu we have helped the Ukrainians settled here to discover this part of Transylvania.