Romania Rural Tourism - Ecotourism in Romania

Nature & Rural  Tourism in Romania


In Romania traditions are best kept in rural areas. In these Romanian rural tours, we want to show you how subsistence farmers still mow hay by hand and carry it by horse cart or how shepherds still tend their sheep and make cheese like centuries ago. Or how craftsmen carry on crafts which are slowly disappearing. Around Easter, Christmas and other religious holidays there are many traditions and people still wear traditional clothes and go to pray in centuries old churches. And like anywhere, people from the smaller villages are the most hospitable and welcoming you can find in the country.

And it is villages which are the closest to the most untamed and beautiful nature in the country so they are ideal starting points for walks, wildlife and wildflowers observation.

Here are our top recommendations for active and rural tourism in Romania.


Romania Rural Tourism - Wildlife tour of Romania

Wildlife tour in Romania

Explore the habitat of bears, wolves & lynx

600 EUR/person

4 Days

This tour neighbouring the rural area takes you into the wilderness where the largest wild carnivore animals in Europe live.

During 5 days of visit in Romania, you will learn in a non-intrusive way about bears, wolves, lynx and also about chamois, dear and many species of birds. In this Romanian wildlife tour, you have good chances of seeing wild bears but since their habitat are the forests we cannot guarantee that you will see each of the animals. Nevertheless the experience is thrilling.

Family Tour of Romania

Family Tour of Romania

Explore nature and quaint countryside

950 EUR/person for a group of 4

  15 Days

Discover rural Romania by  wandering through idyllic villages, hiking to a sheepfold, spending a full day at a farm, learn pottery and brick making and horse-back ride through the countryside. And here and there stop for a dip in a pool, a heliothermic lake, a river or a waterfall.

The tour offers great opportunities for family bonding as it takes you through the most interesting regions of Romania: Transylvania, Maramures and Bucovina.

Maramures and Bucovina Tour

Maramures and Bucovina Tour

Discover the authentic way of life

900 EUR/person for a group of 4

 7 Days

Explore the best of Maramures and Bucovina during this 7-day tour. See the only “Merry Cemetery” in the world, admire Europe’s highest wooden church, ride a narrow-gauge steam train, learn about the wood-carving culture and about the craft of painting eggs.

Amidst visits and explorations, enjoy the hospitality of the people and get drawn for a few days in the quaint way of life specific to Romanian villages.