Romania tour operator company

Our Romania tour operator company promotes a type of tourism that benefits the local economy while trying to preserve the local heritage and environment. Our tours usually involve:

  • Eating at local restaurants and farms
  • Attending traditional events meant for locals
  • Traveling in small groups so we are not intrusive
  • Trying local produce such as wine, brandy, gems and cheese
  • Learning how traditional crafts are practiced
  • Going to the most quaint places in the country

Some of our most popular tours are: Tour of Transylvania from Timisoara, Day Trip from Alba-Iulia or Deva, Family Tour of RomaniaJewish Heritage Tour of Romania and Photo Tour in Transylvania.  

When established in 2011, the geographic focus was on Transylvania region, the tourism license was provided by the Romanian Tourism Ministry under the name “Via Transylvania Tours” while the legal name is SC Via Dar SRL.

With time, our tours expanded to all regions of Romania so this website was created to promote all of our tours of Romania.

The founder of the company, Daniel Rosca previously worked for Microsoft on Corporate Social Responsibility so when he established the company he wanted to promote the concept of responsible travel.

Below you can find the tour operator license and the insurance policy for the tourists in case of bankruptcy or insolvency of the company.

Via Transylvania Tours - Romania tour operator insurance

We have also chosen to partner with other travel-related companies. For a detailed list, check our Partnerships page.