Romania Photo Tours - Steam train in Maramures
Photo Tours of Romania

We are one of the few tour operators specialized in organizing photo tours of Romania and our very first tour back in 2011 was with photographers.

People photography is particularly great as in the countryside there are still many locals practicing traditional occupations such as farming, shepherding, blacksmithing, wood carving, distilling fruit brandy and more. There are also special events when people dress up in wonderful traditional clothes.

Travel, landscape and wildlife photography are also very good as Romania has impressive medieval towns and fortifications, mountains where bears and wolves live and the Danube Delta where over 300 species of birds live.

We organize private, tailor-made photo tours of Romania so please contact us and let us know what interests you.

Romania Winter Photo Tour during Christmas and NY holidays

Christian and pagan traditions and snowy landscapes

11 Days (23rd December 2019 – 2nd January 2020)

Capture the joyful atmosphere of the winter holidays during this Winter Photo Tour of Romania during Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

In Maramures you will see people practicing centuries old traditions, caroling and going to church in traditional clothes. While in Moldova region you will see the locals dressed in bear costumes caroling and sending away the bad spirits of winter. Furthermore, you will photograph castles, wooden churches and medieval towns covered with snow which makes the compositions even more interesting.

Photo Tour of Romania during Harvest Times
Discover the people and countryside of Romania

7 Days

This photography tour of Romania takes you to Transylvania region. In late summer farmers work hard in the fields to gather their crops, mow hay and pile it in haystacks while craftsmen carry on their centuries old occupations.

The rolling hills in the countryside dotted by medieval towns and villages and the nearby mountains all make for great travel, landscape and people photography. So join us for a memorable photo tour of Romania.

Romania Photo Tour in Transylvania
Capture bucolic countryside through your lens
5 Days

This photo tour of Southern Transylvania focuses on the richest German-Saxon heritage in Romania featuring charming towns and villages with well-preserved characteristic houses and old traditions still carried by local people.

You will explore the surroundings of Sibiu, where you will be able to photograph beautiful landscapes with gentle mountains and quaint villages, craftsmen that continue the traditional crafts of their ancestors and village people that work the land as centuries ago.

Spring Photo Tour of Romania
People and traditional life in Romania
10 Days

It is said that Romania, and especially Maramures region, is the last truly rural place in Europe.  Step back in time and capture the life of people in the bucolic villages of Maramures,  the colorful paintings on the walls of Bucovina’s monasteries and  the charm of old medieval towns of Transylvania.

While wandering the country you will also get the chance to photograph beautiful countryside and landscape and to get in touch with handy craftsmen that carry on centuries old traditions.

We are now working on a website focused only on photo tours to Romania and we will launch it in autumn. For 2020 we have already planned photo tours which will be featured on that website, organized in partnerships with very good photo tour leaders from around the world and local guides.

Here are some of the dates
– Winter photo tour in Transylvania, Romania: Snowy landscapes, January 22-26, 2020
– Winter photo tour of Romania (Transylvania & Bucovina): medieval towns, landscapes and people, February 1-11, 2020
– Photo tour of Romania during the Orthodox Easter (Transylvania, Maramures and Bucovina): traditions, people and charming towns,  April 15-24, 2020

– Spring photo tour in Transylvania and Maramures, Romania: traditional occupations and nature, April 25-May 2, 2020
– Spring photo tour in Romania (Maramures, Transylvania and Bucovina): landscapes, people and UNESCO sites, May 2-13, 2020
– Landscape photo tour in Transylvania, May 13-17, 2020

– Early summer photo tour in Transylvania, June 12-21, 2020
– Cultural photo tour of Romania (Maramures and Transylvania), August 29-September 6, 2020
– Cultural photo tour during harvest time: Maramures and Transylvania, September 17-29, 2020

– Fall colors photo tour of Romania, October 20-30, 2020
– Photo Tour focused on Christmas and New Year: traditions and landscapes, December 22, 2020-January 3, 2021
– Photo tour on New Year: traditions and nature, December 29, 2020-January 2, 2021

Please contact us by email if you are interested and we will provide you details.