Christmas in Romania: what’s so great about it?

During Christmas in Romania well-kept customs and traditions come to life. People dressed in traditional clothes sing carols, dancers wearing bears’ costumes wish for the passing of winter and in the countryside pigs are sacrificed in exchange for a rich Christmas... read more

Top places in Bucovina to include on your itinerary

Bucovina is best known for being the land of churches and long-kept traditions. The region’s past has left its traces in many of the monuments still existing today and as a result, it has a series of landmarks that are unique in the country. If you love to uncover the... read more

The best of fall colors in Romania in 13 pictures

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Sancraiu Rosehip Festival in Transylvania

Transylvania hosts a significant Hungarian minority and they do a wonderful job at preserving their identity and traditions. One of the best ways to experience this is at the Rosehip Festival which takes place every October in the village of Sancraiu, 1 hour away from... read more

Best 15 attractions in Maramures that you must see

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Wildflowers in Romania are best spotted in June

Now rare and treasured, grassy meadows are not only stunning, but buzzing with wildlife – thousands of species of wildflowers, butterflies and small insects make this place their home. Fresh, flowery, luxuriant meadows are best discovered in June when all nature... read more